1. The contractual obligations of this agreement are deemed to be performed in the United Kingdom and subject to English Law.
  2. Sales Order acknowledgement, including these terms and conditions, other notes and any noted attachments hereto, contains the complete and final agreement between New Generation Doors (UK) Ltd and the purchaser.
  3. New Generation Doors (UK) Ltd makes no claim that the products furnished meet any specification other than those noted in the order acknowledgement. All other documentation used during the Quoting stage shall have no bearing on the order, only final documentation confirmed and signed by the purchaser.
  4. Code Compliance: It is the responsibility of the purchaser to ensure that purchased products meet local building codes and regulations. New Generation Doors (UK) Ltd does not make any claim to manufacture doors according to local building code or regulation, and is not responsible for any products that are purchased that do not meet said codes unless stated in order details. This includes, but not limited to; clear opening of both the height and/or the width, frame type, glass requirements, or any other code requirements where the doors will be installed and used.
  5. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to review all conditions under which the products and associated glass and glazing materials are to be installed and advise, warn and inform all necessary parties of conditions that exhibit a propensity for product failure or appear to be (but not limited to) dangerous or hazardous.
  6. Delivered products must be inspected within 24 hours of receipt and any defects reported and must be within the scope of the 10 year limited warranty.
  7. All quoted product manufacturing lead times are for information only and cannot be deemed binding. Costs associated with delays for any reason are not covered by New Generation Doors (UK) Ltd.
  8. New Generation Doors (UK) Ltd reserves the right to change and/or alter the design/specification of Panoramic Door products without prior notice.
  9. New Generation Doors (UK) Ltd furnishes a 10 year limited warranty, as appropriate to the project, for all doors.
  10. All monetary values shown on Quotations or Sales Confirmation indicate U.K. funds.
  11. All product warranties are void unless the products are maintained according to our “Care and Maintenance” instructions. Contact the factory for a copy or visit our Internet site.
  12. Payments and Returns Policy: All orders are custom built with 50% payment due prior to production and total balance prior to shipping of product. Normal production time can vary and an estimated time will be give at the time of order. Where applicable, a transit period will be in addition to production time. No changes and/or cancellations to the order can be made after 24 hours (1 business day) from time of order submission/receipt AND the initial payment is processed and bank verified. No returns accepted.
  13. No verbal or insinuated exceptions to these terms and conditions are allowed. Any changes to these Terms and Conditions must be approved in writing by New Generation Doors (UK) Ltd.